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Enzymes and Pharmaceuticals,

We are contributing to healthy life through our fermentation technology.

We leverage our core technologies—the fermentation technology cultivated over many years in the alcoholic beverages business, as well as technologies involving immune reactions—to manufacture and sell enzymes, active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostics. We are also developing a production support business.
As an important business to play a role in OENON Group, we continue to provide distinctive products through integrated R&D, production and sales.


Believing in the unlimited possibility of microorganism that is present in nature, we offer enzymes for industrial use including the one applicable to food.

List of enzymes

Major products

For industrial use

  • Lactose hydrolytic enzyme (Lactase):[GODO-YNL 2]

    What is Lactase?

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) manufacturing enzyme (Glucose isomelase):
    [GODO-AGl (immobilized, liquid)
  • Dietary fiber processing enzyme (Cellulase):
  • Starch processing enzyme (Isoamylase):
  • Proteolytic enzyme (Protease):

Reagent for research

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

We offer active pharmaceutical ingredients that can be used safely because of the traceability and quality system management.

List of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Major products

  • Hyperlipidemia treatment
  • Diabetes mellitus treatment

Research and Development

Enzymes and Pharmaceuticals Laboratory
Location:Matsudo-city, Chiba

At Enzymes and Pharmaceuticals Laboratory, the research and development from the search of useful microorganism to bench scale test production that leads to mutual creation of value in the future is going on under the consistent and highly efficient research system.
The specialist staffs with long research and technology experiences in each area conduct research and development based on the unique aim and concept while working in liaison with external organs such as conducting joint research with universities and other enterprises.

Production technology

Enzymes and Pharmaceuticals Factory
Location:Hachinohe-city, Aomori

At our enzymes and pharmaceuticals factory, we produce a broad range of products, including enzymes, active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostics. In addition, we provide outsourced culturing services that take advantage of our extensive track record in culturing microorganisms. By providing global markets with products that make use of our leading-edge facilities and technologies, we strive to respond promptly to continuously changing market needs. To ensure the safety and security our customers require, we have obtained FSSC 22000 certification, which pertains to the manufacture of food products and food additives. We also have in place fermentation and refining facilities that meet ISO and pharmaceutical GMP quality requirements. Meanwhile, our environment-conscious factories employ deodorization, antibactierial, wastewater treatment and other systems.

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