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Privacy Policy

Oenon Holdings, Inc. ("Oenon") adheres to all laws pertaining to the protection of personal information, recognizes the importance of appropriately handling same and, as part of this commitment, shall do its utmost to protect personal information under the following Privacy Policy in order to build a solid relationship of trust with the customer.
This Privacy Policy is used commonly for every Oenon Group company ("Group Company").

Collection of personal information

Oenon collects customer information where necessary for mail order or retail sales of products, restaurants, promotional prizes and the distribution of samples and questionnaires.
When collecting personal information from customers, we will indicate or publicize the purpose of the collection and establish to the extent possible the usage purpose.
Appropriate means are taken for the collection of personal information from customers. Approval from the customer is obtained if collecting personal information from a party other than the customer.

Using personal information

Oenon uses extreme caution when using personal information collected from customers and establishes boundaries necessary for achieving the purposes of the collection.
Information is collected for the following purposes.

  • Sending of promotional prizes and samples
  • Transmission of information on prizes and events through e-mail magazines or direct mail
  • Contacting of customers as needed in response to their inquiries
  • Requests for participation in surveys to improve our products, services or quality
  • Development of products and creating new menus
  • Study of usage conditions and environments for our products and services
  • Transmission of information on new products or services in new business areas such as restaurants or spirits distribution outlets

Group companies will transmit the same information as provided above. If the customer does not desire the above-mentioned information, please contact Oenon and we will stop all transmissions.

Management and protection of personal information

For properly managing and protecting personal information obtained from customers, Oenon will appoint a personal information manager to ensure that personal information is accurate and up-to-date and that its management is thorough. This manager will work to prevent any external leakage of personal data and implement necessary safety measures to prevent unauthorized access or the risk of loss, damage or fabrication, all in an effort to protect the customer.
The handling of personal information may be outsourced. In such a case, Oenon will execute a consignment agreement with the service provider selected by Oenon to handle personal information ("Service Consignee") and will monitor and manage same to prevent any leaks.

Provision of personal information to third parties

The personal information of customers will not be disclosed or provided to third parties other than Service Consignees approved by the customer.
Within a scope that would allow achievement of the usage purposes of Oenon, personal information will be disclosed and shared among all Group Companies and Oenon shall bear full responsibility.
Personal information will be disclosed or provided without the approval of the customer if forced by law or by a government agency.

Disclosure and editing of personal information and suspension of usage

Oenon will immediately disclose to or send a notification to the customer in the event same requests for such a disclosure or notification pertaining to the usage purposes of personal information identifying the customer, excluding cases where a third party incurs harm or where such a notice would impede the business operations of Oenon.
Oenon will examine without delay any notice from the customer concerning any change, addition or deletion ("Amendment, etc.") of personal information identifying the customer or the suspension or stoppage of the use of same "Suspension of Usage"). In such a case, in the event the Amendment, etc. or Suspension of Usage is deemed necessary, same shall be effectuated without delay.

Internal management system including Group Companies

Oenon and Group Companies have formulated necessary regulations to comply with these Privacy Policies and the entire Group has a unified management system in place used to monitor compliance to said regulations under the personal information manager.
We are doing our utmost to protect your personal information under this management system.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

Oenon may amend or improve the contents of this Privacy Policy as necessary either in whole or in part.

Revised March 30, 2005

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