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  • The information you provided here will be used to help us respond to your inquiry. (Your address and phone number are necessary to let you know of our nearest retail location and to answer your inquiry by post or phone.)
  • We will handle your personal information with utmost care in order to prevent any derogation of your rights. Personal information will be processed to be mutually disclosed and shared among Oenon Group companies ("Group Companies"). This information may be used for requesting surveys aimed at improving products, services or quality or for product development or marketing. See our "Privacy Policy" for more information.
  • If your inquiry is concerning the business of a Group Company, our response may originate from a Group Company other than the company to which you directed your inquiry.
  • We may contact you by post or telephone using the information you provided to us in your inquiry.
  • Please acknowledge that we may not respond to your inquiry depending on the information your provided.
  • We would like to ask you to please refrain from copying our e-mail responses, either in whole or in part, and reusing the information contained for other purposes.
  • Our response may take time depending on the contents of your inquiry.
  • The VeriSign encryption system and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) are used for our inquiry form. Customer information is encrypted prior to transmission to ensure safe communication.

If you agree to all of the below, please fill in the "Inquiry Form" carefully and send it to us.

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